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NAWL Pay Equity Pledge 2021

We value the contributions of all our attorneys, legal professionals, and staff and join with the National Association of Women Lawyers in advocating for just compensation for all the work that our women colleagues perform. We therefore pledge to make meaningful and consistent progress in our (Legal Department/Law Firm/Company/Organization) toward pay equity.

As a result of our commitment to pay equity, we pledge to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive pay parity review applying best practice methodology for our industry within our organization during the next 18 months in order to assess all salary and bonus data in terms of gender, race, department, tenure, and location to identify any disparities in like-for-like compensation.
  •  Eliminate pay history inquiries from our candidate selection process, and strive to eliminate any biased or unfair practices from our performance review process.
  •  Remediate any identified pay disparities between men and women employees among like-for-like job functions.
  •  Advocate within our organization for pay equity through greater pay data transparency and promotion of best practices for achieving pay equity.

We are honored to make this pledge in support of NAWL’s goal of pay equity in the legal profession, and we commit to supporting such efforts to create a fair and just workplace for all. Resources to support our commitment are available on 

If you agree to the NAWL Pay Equity Pledge above, please enter your company's name and your contact information below:Please note, your company's name will be listed on the Pay Equity Pledge webpage on NAWL's website.