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What gets you through the day recently? What do you look forward to every day, every week? NAWL wants to celebrate you! Share your accomplishments of joy in your day to day--large and small! We have created the NAWL Joy Project so that we can share your joy with all of our members and stay connected while we all stay home.

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     Five Tips for Working From Home

NAWL Women's Law Journal Editorial Board Member Jennifer Thibodaux. We're excited to feature her most recent article, "Suddenly Remote? Five Tips on Transitioning to Work From Home


At Mid-Year Meeting we learned about the importance of mindfulness. Meditation encourages positive mental health and increased productivity.

Check out Headspace or Calm for free meditation resources.

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Staying active while quarantined is paramount to mental health and wellness. Yoga encourages positive mental and physical health during this stress-inducing time.

Check out this free resource for access to online yoga videos. 


Journaling is known to help with managing anxiety, reducing stress, and coping with depression. See more about the benefits here.

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     Embracing Help

NAWL Women Lawyers Journal Editorial Board Member, Terah Moxley, and Meyling Ly-Ortiz, Managing Counsel for Labor & Employment at Toyota Motor North American. We're excited to feature their article, "Embracing Help: A Do as We Say and Not as We Do Guide to Giving Yourself a Little Grace"


     Make a To-Do List

Making lists can boost feelings of productivity, provide structure for the workday, and ease anxiety. Read more about the psychological benefits of lists here.


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     Practicing Self-Care During Uncertain Times

NAWL Women Lawyers Journal Editorial Board Member, Kirtana Kalavapudi, a policy analyst for the Social Security Administration authored the article, "Practicing Self-Care During Uncertain Times." We're excited to feature Kirtana's article and check out the article here


     Spend Time Outdoors

Spending time outdoors can boost your mental health in 5 ways according to Challenge the Storm:

1. Reduces stress levels
2. Natural light and fresh air boosts mood
3. Nature gives your mind a rest
4. Good excercise
5. Lessens anxiety and depression

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