Loretta Lynch Confirmation


    NAWL congratulates Loretta Lynch on being confirmed by the Senate today as Attorney General of the United States. Lynch's confirmation makes her the first African-American woman to hold that position in United States history.

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    President's Message

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    Lisa M. Passante
    NAWL President

    Spring 2015

    We know that there is power in numbers and power in inclusion. We know that we stand on the shoulders of the strong women who came before us, and we know we need to pass the keys to success to the coming generations. We know from numerous studies that when there are more women in leadership, women are more likely to thrive – and in fact the business they are in is more likely to thrive. One of us, alone, can do very little.

    The NAWL Challenge, issued in 2006, focused on thirty percent – women would represent 30 percent of equity partners, 30 percent of Fortune 500 General Counsel and 30 percent of tenured law school professors by 2015. The profession sadly hasn’t reached that goal…

    NAWL News

    In America's past, a culture of animus against federal workersPhilip Kennicott, "The preferred terms were "pervert" or "deviate," and if they needed further elaboration, favored adjectives included criminal, notorious, dishonest, immoral and disgraceful. There were no niceties of language when it came to the way the U.S. government treated gay and lesbian peop
    A real confidence gap between men and women?Melissa Harris writes, "Women sparsely populate America's boardrooms because a vast confidence gap exists between the sexes, a gap that stops women from leaning in. Or so one leading theory goes. But a recent Bain & Co. study, co-written by Chicago-based partner Julie Coffman, suggests that the conf
    Solicitor Numbers on the Rise as Gender Gap Narrow Insider Media writes, "The Law Society's Annual Statistics Report for 2014 shows an increase in practising solicitors of 2.1 per cent compared with 2013. On 31 July 2014, there were 130,382, up from 127,676 on 31 July 2013. The report also found that representation of black Asian and minority ethnic
    Diversity and the Law: Old Problem, New Approach Karen Sloan writes, "College basketball dominates office water cooler talk every spring, but Jennifer Zimmerman noticed that many women in Morgan Stanley's legal department stayed out of the conversation. So Zimmerman, leader of the company's employee benefits legal group, founded a March Madness br
    As Attorney General, Loretta Lynch Plans Striking New Tone for the Justice Dept.Matt Apuzzo and Jennifer Steinhauer write, "Loretta E. Lynch, who was confirmed Thursday as attorney general, will meet with local police officers nationwide this summer as she tries to strike a new tone for the Justice Department amid a roiling controversy over the use of lethal force, aides said."

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    NAWL Members.jpgThe National Association of Women Lawyers is the leading national voluntary organization devoted to the interests of women lawyers and women's rights. Foundedover 115 years ago, NAWL has a long history of serving as an educational forum and an active voice for the concerns of women in the legal profession. Learn More

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