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    Lisa M. Passante
    NAWL President

    November 2014
    NAWL congratulates Loretta E. Lynch on her historic nomination for United States Attorney General, and applauds President Obama for his selection of Ms. Lynch. Ms. Lynch is a highly experienced prosecutor with a strong record on civil rights, and is highly admired for her professional and thoughtful approach in the most difficult matters.  We call upon the Senate for an equally professional and thoughtful confirmation process, conducted without resort to partisan politics or undue delay.

    NAWL's Earlier Appeal to President Obama:

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    Kristin Pagano Speaks: Breastfeeding Accommodations and the Illinois Bar ExamSunny Choi writes, "As some of you may already know, the case of Kristin Pagano has been highlighted recently in various media outlets. Ms. Pagano submitted a breastfeeding accommodations request to the Illinois Board with respect to the February 2015 Illinois bar exam. Her request was denied by the
    Study: Women Law Professors Cited More OftenKaren Sloan writes, "For years, evidence that scholarly research produced by women is cited less frequently than that written by men has fed concern about bias and women's ability to advance within the academy. Fresh research concludes that the opposite is true in legal academia: There, women are ci
    Can a new breed of firms solve the attrition problem for women in the legal industry?Nicole Bradick writes, "Earlier this year, The National Association of Women Lawyers released the results of its National Survey on Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms. This annual survey provides sobering news on the state of women at the 200 largest firms in the country, collectively kno
    Women at Work: A Guide for MenJoanne Lipman writes, "We are flooded with career-advice books for women. There are women's networking groups and leadership conferences galore. But they're all geared toward women, consumed primarily by women and discussed among women. I am convinced that women don't need more advice. Men do. Now d
    NAWL-Prudential 2015 Summer Internship Program The National Association of Women Lawyers ("NAWL") is pleased to partner with Prudential Financial, Inc. to provide a meaningful summer internship opportunity for a highly-motivated first-year law student. Through this partnership, NAWL will select one student to join the 2015 summer law intern cla

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    NAWL Members.jpgThe National Association of Women Lawyers is the leading national voluntary organization devoted to the interests of women lawyers and women's rights. Foundedover 115 years ago, NAWL has a long history of serving as an educational forum and an active voice for the concerns of women in the legal profession. Learn More

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