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    Lisa M. Passante
    NAWL President

    November 2014
    NAWL congratulates Loretta E. Lynch on her historic nomination for United States Attorney General, and applauds President Obama for his selection of Ms. Lynch. Ms. Lynch is a highly experienced prosecutor with a strong record on civil rights, and is highly admired for her professional and thoughtful approach in the most difficult matters.  We call upon the Senate for an equally professional and thoughtful confirmation process, conducted without resort to partisan politics or undue delay.

    NAWL's Earlier Appeal to President Obama:

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    Brains, Not ClothesColleen Flaherty writes, "Many female professors complain that students evaluate them in sexist ways based in part on appearance, and data suggests that's true. But few administrators have spoken out against student bias in evaluations, and tend to treat it more as an inevitable if unfortunate part
    1% Inspiration: A New Take on Pressure (Courtesy of Billie Jean King)Jessica Sung writes, "As a newly minted attorney, I have several interior monologues running in my head while doing prep work on cases. One of them goes something like this: 'This case involves a real client. I'm helping a real client. This is a very real client with a very real life and a very r
    Uninvited: Counsel lists and how they limit minority and women owned law firms' access to legal workEmery Harlan, Joel Stern, Martin P. Greene, and Shery Axelrod write, "Preferred counsel lists came into widespread use in the 1990s, when minorities and women were markedly underrepresented in the legal profession. Then, as now, preferred counsel lists allowed companies to obtain more favorable term
    Where Working Women Are Most CommonGregor Aisch, Josh Katz, and Davis Leonhardt write, "For men of working age, not working tends to be a distinctly unpleasant experience. They exercise less than when they had a job, and they say that their relationships with family members worsen --- despite having more timeto spend with those relativ
    Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than OthersAnita Woolley, Thomas W. Malone, and Christopher Chabris write, "ENDLESS meetings that do little but waste everyone's time. Dysfunctional committees that take two steps back for every one forward. Project teams that engage in wishful groupthinking rather than honest analysis. Everyone who is part of

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