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    About NAWL

    The mission of the National Association of Women Lawyers is to provide leadership, a collective voice, and essential resources to advance women in the legal profession and advocate for the equality of women under the law. Since 1899, NAWL has been empowering women in the legal profession, cultivating a diverse membership dedicated to equality, mutual support, and collective success.


    2017 Survey on Promotion and Retention of Women in Law Firms

    Each year, the goal of the NAWL Survey has been to provide objective statistics regarding the position and advancement of women lawyers in law firms in particular, and the NAWL Survey remains the only national survey that collects this industry benchmarking data in such detail. The 2017 NAWL Survey marks 10 years of tracking data on the career progression and compensation of women among the top 200 U.S. law firms.  

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    NAWL Joins Statement Denouncing the Decision to Halt Service of Transgender Troops in the U.S. Armed Services

    Joining with other diversity bar associations, NAWL unequivocally and without reserve denounces the current administration's recent decision to halt the service of transgender troops in the U.S. armed forces.

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    President's Message

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    Angela Beranek Brandt
    NAWL President

    Fall 2017

    Fall: A Time to Remember and Re-center

    Almost every fall I find myself leaving Minnesota to go back “home” to South Dakota. In the years where I am too busy and my schedule does not allow that fall trip, things feel unbalanced. This year I was fortunate enough to spend several days on our family farm. It was relaxing and rejuvenating. As I get older and further into my career and adult life, I have an increasing contrast between where I came from and where I am. The vast, quiet space of the open prairie is, on every sensory level, in stark contrast with my usual everyday life. It is the prairie setting that I am able to connect with my roots and once again find my center. For me, this periodic exercise is necessary; whatever I am doing in my life and in my career, it is all based on the foundation of the place from where I came.

    Where each of us came from has importance to where we are going. When it feels we are not being true to ourselves, even when we are meeting the expectations of others, there will be tension. I have found that while success requires hard work, it cannot be forced. Our greatest successes come …

    NAWL News

    How the myth of the artistic genius excuses the abuse of women Amanda Hess writes, "Can we now do away with the idea of 'separating the art from the artist'? Whenever a creative type (usually a man) is accused of mistreating people (usuallly women), a call arises to prevent those pesky biographical details from sneaking into our assessments of the artist's wo
    PwC's Tim Ryan wants every Fortune 1000 CEO to sign his corporate diversity pledgeGrace Donnelly writes, "When he began reaching out to CEOs about coming together to address corporate diversity, PwC’s Tim Ryan expected 25 to 40 to sign the pledge. He ended up with more than 150 CEOs when the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion launched in June — through no small effort of his
    2016 diversity benchmarking report From the New York City Bar: "For more than a decade, the City Bar benchmarking research has illustrated enhanced diversity efforts in firms as well as overall incremental gains for women and minority attorneys. However, it has also recorded elevated attrition rates of both women and minorities, and
    Lessons from Yelp's empirical approach to diversity Rachel Williams, Gauri Subramani, Michael Luca, and Geoff Donaker write, "Beginning in 2013, a handful of tech companies (including Yelp, where some of us work, Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook) began to research and release data on the diversity of their workforces. The numbers were grim. For instanc
    What it's really like to be out at work in 2017Rich Bellis writes, "By the time I interviewed for my first professional internship, I was already out to my family and friends. But figuring out how to be out at work still wasn’t something I was prepared for.During the interview, for a small lefty book publisher in New York, I ended up blurting
    After a lawsuit, the University of Notre Dame will continue to offer no-cost contraceptionEmily Price writes, "After announcing last week plans to stop offering birth control as part of its health insurance plans, WNDU reports the University of Notre Dame has announced that it will now allow no-cost contraceptive coverage to be available to employees via a plan that is funded and adminis

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