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The mission of the National Association of Women Lawyers is to provide leadership, a collective voice, and essential resources to advance women in the legal profession and advocate for the equality of women under the law. Since 1899, NAWL has been empowering women in the legal profession, cultivating a diverse membership dedicated to equality, mutual support, and collective success.

NAWL Supreme Court Committee Concludes Barrett is "Not Qualified"

Based on this in-depth process, and in light of NAWL’s 120-year mission advocating the advancement of women’s rights under law, the Committee concluded that Judge Barrett is “Not Qualified” to serve as an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court because she has failed to demonstrate “commitment to women’s rights or issues that have a special impact on women.” Specifically, the Committee concluded from its research that (i) Judge Barrett’s judicial philosophy of originalism is fundamentally at odds with a commitment to women’s rights and (ii) Judge’s Barrett’s personal views on reproductive rights will lead her to support further restrictions on, if not the elimination of, women’s autonomy in their reproductive rights decisionsRead the full statement>>

NAWL Issues Statement on the Passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lived the mission of the National Association of Women Lawyers: the advancement of women in the legal profession and advocacy for the equality of women under the law. She was one of us, and she was an inspiration to us. Ginsburg became a lawyer at a time when the legal profession was not welcoming to women.

Her colleague and friend, conservative Justice Antonin Scalia, praised Ginsburg's skills as an advocate: "she became the leading (and very successful) litigator on behalf of women's rights—the Thurgood Marshall of that cause, so to speak." An advocate for gender equality in practice, she was a consensus builder on the Court. As the Court became increasingly hostile to women, and political machinations of anti-equality members of Congress more blatant, Justice Ginsburg resolved to remain on the Court as long as she was able. In her final days, Justice Ginsburg dictated this statement to her granddaughter (and an attorney), Clara Spera: "My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed."

Indeed, NAWL will not settle. Political opportunists have wasted no time attempting to justify a swift nomination and floor vote on a replacement for Justice Ginsburg before the end of 2020, an act directly contrary to their own behavior and public statements in 2016, when Justice Scalia died more than 8 months before an election. We will not countenance a different result, especially with early voting having commenced in a number of states and less than 50 days to go before an election that will be a referendum on justice, the rule of law, and the future of our democracy. This nomination shall wait until 2021, after the people have spoken. Let the people vote, and the people shall decide.

We grieve the loss of Justice Ginsburg, to the profession, to women, and to this country. According to Jewish tradition, a person who dies on Rosh Hashanah, which began last night, is a tzaddik - a person of great righteousness. The Hebrew root of tzaddik is "tzedek (צדק)" which means - "justice." May her memory be a blessing, to us all.  Read the full statement>>


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