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Amicus Committee

The Amicus Committee reviews requests for participation as amicus curiae in cases of interest to NAWL members. The Committee recommends appropriate cases to the President for the Board's consideration. The Committee reviews amicus briefs drafted by other organizations and considers the appropriateness of NAWL’s signing on to the brief. In other cases, NAWL drafts its own amicus brief and sometimes solicits other organizations’ to join NAWL in its amicus brief. A sampling of issues on which NAWL has provided amicus support includes enforcement of Title IX, employment discrimination, women’s health and domestic violence issues.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee examines and enhances NAWL’s diversity practices and procedures. The goal is to increase outreach, recruitment, retention, and substantive programming to attract and retain members of diverse communities nationwide, including women of color, disabled lawyers, and LGBT lawyers. The Committee will review existing NAWL procedures and membership protocols, work on establishing strong collaborations with other organizations, research diversity best practices, and assist in the creation and execution of programming that supports the Committee’s mission. As such, the Diversity Committee interacts with the Program Committee, the Membership Committee, the General Counsel Institute Committee, and any others requiring guidance on diversity issues.


Executive Committee
**A closed committee**

The Executive Committee is comprised of the officers of the Board and may act on any matter to be brought before the Board. This Committee is led by the President, and it develops and reviews all policies and activities of the organization.

Finance Committee
**A closed committee**

The Finance Committee is made up of the Treasurer, the Treasurer-Elect, the Immediate Past Treasurer, and the President. It supports the Treasurer in reviewing NAWL’s financial condition, addressing policy issues and addressing operational matters with respect to NAWL's financial condition, accounting controls, investment policies, planning, budgeting and governance. This Committee is led by the Treasurer, and it develops and reviews financial policy guidelines with an objective of ensuring the financial stability of the organization.

Governance Committee
**A closed committee**

The Governance Committee ensures that NAWL follows all necessary corporate formalities and files all documents necessary to operate and protect its intellectual property. This Committee regularly reviews the NAWL bylaws and constitution and recommends amendments for approval by the Board. The Committee also ensures that the Board’s duties and obligations are being met.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining and increasing NAWL membership. As the oldest women's bar association, NAWL has a history of outstanding women leaders within its membership, and the Membership Committee continues to recruit new members who will work toward the promotion of women in the profession. The Membership Committee is also responsible for analyzing attrition and developing a plan to renew lapsed members.

Mentorship Committee

The Mentorship Committee's objective is to develop mentoring relationships among NAWL's membership. The Committee was formed in response to studies that point to mentoring relationships as a key reason for a lawyer's success. The Committee's first initiative paired practicing lawyers with law students around the country. We are excited about the possibilities for expanding our mentoring initiatives to a broader group of members. The Committee is charged with ensuring adequate participation in the mentorship program amongst more senior members, which may include the creation of a guide for prospective mentors.

Nominations Committee
**A closed committee**

The Nominations Committee vets and recommends candidates for the NAWL Board of Directors and major Awards presented at the NAWL Annual Meeting. The Committee consists of the current President, President-Elect, Vice President and Immediate Past President.

Program Committee

The Program Committee plans educational and social programming, including programs for NAWL's annual, midyear, and regional meetings as well as programmatic webinars and teleconferences. The Program Committee operates through event-specific planning committees listed.  

Publications Committee

The Committee is chaired by the Editor of the Women Lawyers Journal. The Committee is in charge of the selection process for WLJ articles, shapes issue themes, and participates in the proofreading process. The Committee ensures that the publication continues as a historical record for NAWL, provides information and insight on topics that affect women in the law, and serves as a forum for the achievements and concerns of NAWL members. A subcommittee of the Publications Committee oversees the annual Selma Moidel Smith Student Writing Competition, which rewards excellence in law student writing on a topic concerning women and the law.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee issues press releases and coordinates public communications about important news and issues regarding NAWL events, as well as issues affecting women lawyers and women's legal rights. The Committee also develops strategies for utilizing social media to promote NAWL and its mission.

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee promotes and preserves Annual Sponsorships. These Sustaining Sponsors provide the financial foundation for NAWL’s efforts while enhancing our ability to fulfill our mission to advance and serve women in the law. The Committee monitors sponsor benefits to ensure sponsors’ return on their investment in NAWL is both rewarding and meaningful in the ever changing legal environment.

Supreme Court Committee
**A closed committee**

The Supreme Court Committee reviews and evaluates the qualifications of each Presidential nominee to the United States Supreme Court with an emphasis on laws and decisions regarding women’s rights or that have a special impact on women. The Committee is chaired by the President of NAWL or her designee. Members of the Committee are appointed by the President of NAWL and consist of lawyers who are diverse with respect to the nature of their practice and jurisdiction. All fact-finding and deliberations of the Committee are confidential to the Committee.

Survey Committee

The Survey Committee directs the National Survey on Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms, an annual survey of law firms that tracks the progress of women’s careers in private practice, their leadership roles in firms, and the policies and practices used by firms to enhance career opportunities for women lawyers. NAWL publishes its findings in a report each fall. The Survey Committee also oversees requests from other organizations who may wish to use the NAWL Survey instrument to conduct similar studies at the regional, state, or local level.