The Amicus Committee reviews requests for participation as amicus curiae in cases of interest to NAWL members.  The Committee recommends appropriate cases to the NAWL President for consideration.  The Committee reviews amicus briefs drafted by other organizations and considers the appropriateness of NAWL's signing on to the brief.  In other cases, NAWL drafts its own amicus brief and sometimes solicits other organizations' joining NAWL in its amicus brief.  Issues on which NAWL has provided amicus support includes enforcement of Title IX, employment discrimination, women's health, and domestic violence issues.  More information>>


    The mission of the Supreme Court Committee is to review and evaluate the qualifications of each Presidential nominee to the United States Supreme Court with an emphasis on laws and decisions regarding women's rights or that have a special impact on women.  The Committee is chaired by the President of NAWL or her designee.  Members of the Committee, appointed by the NAWL President, consist of lawyers who are diverse with respect to the nature of their practices and jurisdictions.  After review and deliberation, the Committee issues a summary evaluation consisting of a conclusion as to whether the nominee is well-qualified, qualified, or not qualified, along with a brief statement of the bases for the Committee's Evaluation. View Evaluations>>


    The NAWL Legislative Committee monitors federal legislation that has the potential to impact women's rights and the ability of women to practice law.  The Committee will report to the NAWL Board any legislation that is being monitored.  Neither the Committee nor NAWL will lobby Congress.  More information>>

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